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*keep calories at a min. of 1,200 and max. of 1,400 yes, yes, yes
*Walk 15 minutes at night yes, yes, yes (jogged a bit too )
*Drink 6 glasses of water at the min. yes, no, yes
*Log in everything I put into my mouth and mood yes, yes, yes
*Only eat raw fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts for the week yes, yes, yes

We are halfway through the week, and it looks like we are all working hard to meet our goals. Drinking enough water is a big challenge for me. I only drink water, and I am not a big fan of it. I used to be a soda addict. I haven't had a pop for 5 1/2 weeks. I thought I would have a hard time, but I'm doing pretty good with it.
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