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It was hard at first, but after several weeks, I didn't have cravings for sweets any more. (All things in moderation..if I'm at someone's house for dinner, I'll have dessert if it's served.)

I'm not a dietician, but I think you'd be better off reducing your overall carbs - carbohydrates get converted to glucose just like sugar does.

Try some cinnamon in your coffee instead of sugar. (And cinnamon is supposed to help boost the metabolism.)
As someone who has cut soda out I can testify that if you take one day at a time is the best way to cut out your sugar. This is how I did it. I started of one day with going pop free all the way and then on the second or third day if I tempted to drink on or drink soda while out eating/movies, I would. Then I would go three or four days with out, then would let myself have a drink. Know I can only drink half a can then I feel sick.

I have told my both dietician and physician that paying attention to how many carbs you have in a day helps with curbing the cravings sweets. As a type 2 diabetic this plays a big role in my day. Yes, cinnamon is something that one can add to anything and it will help not only with metabolism but it will also help with the ups and downs or high and lows of your glucose.
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