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as far as sugar goes i have read that some is needed not alot. Basically from what I've read certain internal organs only run off "sugar fuel" (the brain is one). So the body will always make sure you have enough of that kind of fuel. so eating a small amount of sugar (fruits) is good. The body will make the sugar if it doesn't have it. UNFORTUNATELY if your body has too much sugarit has this strange cycle it goes through. the sugars cut off your bodies ability to "hear" the sugnals telling you your full. so you will keep eating dulling this signal even more so the body thinks its starving and goes into starvation mode. which is to make sure there is enough food for the vital organs. so they start converting more body tissue into sugar which deadens the receptor sights even more causing even more tissue destruction this leads to things like diabetes and multiple organ failure. granted this is a very extreme example to illustrate the process. (the paleo solution by: robb wolf)
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