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Exclamation Rough couple of days

I've had a baby boy with thrush the last few days so haven't been able to be on, but I DID log my stuff on paper so I could enter it all when I had a chance. So here is my update been doing good with keeping my calories in the negative. (Almost didn't make it Monday)
I have been avoiding weighing myself, but finally got the encouragement from my husband and I have lost 6 pounds. I cried!!! (Tears of joy, of course)
Some days I have the motivation, but other's my kids wear me out. (5 and a new born) I try to keep telling my self it will all be worth the work, but then somehow I talk myself out of positivity just as fast!!
I also have a tendency to "eat my feelings" because I have no other outlets. So, how do I do I stop that? Anti-depressants do not work. (Tried them!!)
I feel like a winner and a loser all at the same time.
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