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Default How to exercise? -very limited time

I'm 163 lbs being 5'5" height. It's about 8 lbs over BMI's normal weight boundary.
I'm out of shape, because I have a little to no time for exercise. I have a sedentary job, I commute about 4 hours a day. Playing with my 3 kids is the most exercise I get.
I didn't pay attention to my diet in the past - my bulging gut is proof of that. What is good - I don't eat fast food, my wife cooks for the whole family. What's bad - I love sweets.
I don't want to be fit overnight. I want to lose weight (about 20 lbs), be fit and stay that way.
Please advise me what would you recommend and especially what does it mean for me in the terms of daily time investment.

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