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urgh....checking in...i actually gained 3lbs in the last week up to 205.4 from 202.8 when i checked it this morning.
I'm hoping its because of my period (TMI) but i usually put on water weight at this time. Will know better next weigh in. Tried to work my garden before going out on saturday but i got attacked by bugs and only last an hour. Should have brought my bug spray. Got it packed and ready to go tonight. Road my bike (in the rain) 3.5 miles to the train station. Have to ride it home too, not bad, very warm this morning. I'm going to try for 4 days riding this week and maybe riding wednesday to my garden. This weekend i ate some bad things while hanging out overnight for my best friends birthday, but i kept it in moderation mostly. Ice cream cake and pizza, plus breakfast the next morning (french toast and bacon). But it was so hot out (90 degrees with 65% humidity) that i didn't feel like eating anything else after we got home on sunday, so we only ate about 3 meals all weekend. I think we just took cold showers and sucked on ice, no A/C at our place, ewww.
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