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Libby wrote:
You think your life sucks. I have spent the better part of the day trying to pass a kidney stone...
Oooooh, Libby, ouch . I sure hope the worst is over and you're back on the mend. Take it easy.


Thanks and gigantic (((hugs))) to you all. Thanks for the support and encouragement. I really appreciate it. I think I've shaken off the grumps and am back on track now.

Well, intellectually and emotionally back on track. Nutritionally, not so much, hehe. The family wanted Chinese for dinner and, hey, who am I to deny them? So, now I've got a belly full of potstickers, lo mein, fried rice and spring rolls and I enjoyed every bite. Sodium, pow! Through the roof. Calories? Right up there with the sodium. Fiber, pffft, what's that? I know the scale will yell at me tomorrow (and I know it's water weight, but I still hate bad numbers), but at least these bad numbers will have a reason behind them. I can live with that (like I have a choice, eh?).

I'll catch up on posts tomorrow. Soooo much work to be done!
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