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Originally Posted by episode2011 View Post
[.. My]the attempts came out extraordinarily toxic and I didn't think that served anyone well -- you or me. There's no need for me to rain on everyone else's parade simply because I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Traditionally, this is just about the time where I make a not-so-graceful exit from the wagon ("Screw this, if I'm not going to get the results anyway, I may as well go back to eating things I want and things I like rather than all this healthy cr... stuff"). Evidence: I've blown my 3-week blue streak by starting the week in the red (one blasted sodium point). I'm going to try my hardest not to let it spiral down from here but no guarantees.

Sorry for the rant...
Sorry I'm hacking this in while 'attending' a boring phone mtg. ...
But one red sodium point? That's like, nothing! If I went into the details of my food transgressions, no one would read this forum again!

Now suck it up, pick your cardboard, um, I mean Rice cake and repeat after me! I will eat healthy! I WILL EAT HEALTHY!
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