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Default whole foods diet

Originally Posted by Kwest85blue View Post
I started dieting and cutting calories about 3 weeks ago. I eat the paleo bread, theres 5g of fiber per slice, so filling. I make organic egg white, organic turkey burgers, or organic quinoa veggie burgers with it.

I also eat a LOT of organic raw broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, sugar snap peas, celery, etc. THere is high fiber but high water content as well, and because of this, I struggle to get 1,000 calories in a day.

High protein + high fiber + water = FULL

hope this helps

note: sugar craving sometimes can feel like hungry, but its not
This is the good advice. You shouldn't feel hungry. You won't last like that. Fill up on vegetables. I have no weight problems and this is essentially my diet. I plan my meals around piles of veggies, rather than around meat like most people.

Processed food is evil. Quinoa, brown rice, and buckwheat are good guys.

Green smoothies have been my Godsend lately. I replaced huge fried egg/veggie/grain breakfasts with that. (I over eat in general) I sure feel great!

Banana orange apple and a leafy green like chard. Maybe some hemp seeds.

Recently I have connected my sugar pig-outs with coffee consumption. I keep coffee drinking to weekends now. What a difference! That took 3 or four weeks to adjust to. It's still hard, but I can sleep and I don't crash in the afternoon.
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