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One advantage of a vegan or vegetarian diet over a meat-eating diet is that the vegetables don't contain a lot of fat (fat has 9 calories per gram while protein and carbs each have just 4). Meat contains fat. It just does, with the exception of skinless boneless poached or boiled (or broiled without any fat whatsoever) chicken breast. Not the thigh, not other parts of the chicken.

So, the key to your description of a regimen is calories (plus exercise). You get to eat more volume of low-fat and no-fat food when you cut meat out of your diet. The reason to watch bread or rolls is to know how much fat (basically, calories) they contain.

I've known people who lose weight quickly on a vegan diet because it is so new and strange to them. They completely change the way they are eating. That doesn't mean you can stick with that way of eating. The same applies to low-carb, fasting, and every other diet that shows short-term results.

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