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Originally Posted by AiliElaine View Post
Ketones, say from the MCT in coconut oil, are likely superior brain food that carbs.If fact, ketones help people with Alzheimer's to retrieve neuronal function.... As you know carbs turn to glucose once ingested, but if a person doesn't take in carbs, the amazing body produces glucose from proteins we ingest!
Hi AiliElaine (again). So basically you're suggesting these diets work because they initiate the body's starvation response? When the body struggles to find carbohydrates to metabolize into glucose, it heads for glycogen, then fats.... and finally when the body is in the 4-7 days of starvation (also known as "WTF-where-are-may-carbs-for-energy"), it starts to process ketone bodies to make glucose from protein.

I understand early Man had periods of starvation, when food was scarce, so it could be sustainable for a short time. But to assume one can function in an ongoing healthy state without ample carbs is ludicrous.

Once the early Man had the period of starvation (finding a new food source), they'd eat more and stack on the fat (and unlike modern diet-followers, they'd be totally cool with that). The post-starvation/ no-low-carb diet response in the body is to store fats for a future starvation period. So when the dieters come off the diet, they gain weight- reinforcing that the diet worked!!! Argh. It's biochemistry, peeps. Dieting is just NOT a good idea, and especially not taking out carbs or reducing them to 50g a day!

Reducing carbs and fats and salt is advisable for the obese population, but not to the point of starvation.

All dieting really does is give a person back the control they so much desire in their life. The issue is not really physical/ weight-focused. It is more about a person's emotional health and wellbeing. When a person is depressed or dissatisfied in their life, it will be reflected in their behaviours and traits.... especially involving their bodies. Maybe that's smoking, over-eating, under-eating, or risk taking...

We need to do away with diets and help people with their feeling states.

Originally Posted by AiliElaine View Post
And if we include offal (NOT my personal go-to foods), we can get many nutrients (and carbs) that you'd need a truckload of greens to emulate.
Yep, as is liver. One of the reasons I believe vegans and vegetarians often seem quite thin and pale. I'm not a fan of meat myself, but I do make my own pâté to get those nutrients in (especially on period time).

Originally Posted by AiliElaine View Post
I do see the 0 to very low carbs as a problem for some, but not all, people.
Perhaps this needs to be researched as per ecto/ meso/endo-morph body types?

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