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Originally Posted by AiliElaine View Post
Of course they would eat carbs: berries, nuts, fruits, tubers, etc. Anyone would eat anything that didn't hurt, if hungry. What they did NOT have are baked goods, french fried potatoes in crappy oils, and so on.
Yeh, I'm cool with idea that in paleo apples, pears, berries, nuts, tubers - natural carbs are "allowed". All fine.

It's the position that grains are not allowed, such as rice/ quinoa/ breads - that article provides evidence that such "cavemen" DID eat the grain-like carbohydrates.

Naturally eating highly processed foods, processed sugars, fried foods, donuts, hot chips would not be in the Paleolithic/ Neolithic diet - they really ought not be in our modern day diet either.... but it's not for any reason but the nutrition factor.
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