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Please ask your doctor about any supplements that are recommended to you that are supposed to curb your hunger. It's a simple thing to ask your doctor - and what is at stake is your health! It may seem tempting, especially if you feel desperate (hungry) but you should know what your body is getting into and if it can possibly have a reaction. That's why a doctor is your best source of information about supplements to curb appetite, increase metabolism, etc.

When you eat less, over time (important - over time!), your appetite cravings diminish. Some people say, 'Your stomach shrinks...' but I believe that once you've succeeded in fasting for a reasonable interval (a day at most, if you are just starting), your mind also has experienced the success of saying 'no' to something that you think you feel controls you (appetite). This is a great benefit. I'm not recommending fasting - it is a religious ritual in many faiths - and it's also something to ask your doctor about. I mention it because when you don't eat, it affects your body as your body is affected when you DO eat.
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