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Good morning, everyone!

Two questions, Libby: 1) Could the weight fluctuation be due to water weight? And 2) is under 1000 calories enough to fuel your body's basic needs?

Goals for the Week:
  • Log everything, no exceptions (nibbles and "tastes" count!): yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
  • Maintain adequate daily hydration: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average between 1200-1550 calories: 1407, 1363, 1381, 1397, 1477
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average between 800-1300mg sodium: 1023, 932, 989, 1086, 1184
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average of at least 16g fiber: 19, 19, 18, 17, 16 <--- barely hanging on for blue...
  • Some sort of physical activity 4x during the week: M=Tai Chi/Yoga, T=Taiko Class, W=Navrai, Th=Yoga Class, F=rest... (4/4)
  • Study every day: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

Was faced with the fiber issue again yesterday. It was not a particularly "healthy food" day (but we all need those). By the end of the day, I'd only had about 10g fiber, which would have dragged my average under 16. That would mess up my blue, and we can't have that . Given the choice, I decided to maintain the blue by having a snack to boost the fiber. Sadly, that also upped the calories and sodium, so now those two are closer to the edge than they were. /sigh this is such a balancing act!

Gasp! I just realized that I forgot a food, thus I have NOT logged everything. I need a moment to go re-configure the day. I hope hope hope I'm still all blue after that!!! Back in a sec... Edited: added in the extra food (upped the calories and sodium but not fiber -- figures). Still all blue. Whew!

Today, we rebound. Gotta get things back on track.
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