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I hope you have adjusted to your new diet by now. There was a time that I was always hungry too and craving too much sugar. Thus making me pack so much weight. Having sedentary lifestyle plus eating so much is a real bad combination especially when when have a history of diabetes in the family. I got alarmed by the speed of my weight gain so I decided to go on a diet. But my will was not as strong as I was hoping so yes, I still end up giving in to my hunger pangs. It was so frustrating especially when my sugar level has started to increasing. Thankfully a friend recommended a diet supplement called Prescopodene. It curb my appetite within days and dieting became easier. I started feeling less hungry and my weight started dropping down. The same goes with my sugar level. I also can now exercise because I have started feeling light so exercise became easier. I still have a long way to go though. Thankfully, Prescopodene has no side effect.
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