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Oh honey I feel your pain on so many levels. I think the best thing about fitday is that it helps us all make better decisions. That being said, if you need a chocolate bar, you need a chocolate bar, so make a plan so it fits into your diet. Cut out part of your afternoon snack or plan for a smaller portion of dinner and eat the chocolate bar. Then after, you say "self, that was a fantastic choccy bar, now let's go for a brisk 20-30 minute walk to burn some of it off". The walk will burn some calories, generate some endorphins and take the steam out of your self-anger. Many of the folks here on the forum plan their calories around a small daily dose of chocolate. Personally I've been making what I call a "muscle mocha" every morning, which takes a bite out of the chocolate cravings and gives me a measure of control when faced with temptations. It's just coffee with skim milk and chocolate protein powder, but it's way yummy, about 100 calories and LOADED with protein.

On the kiddie food issue, I've decided to limit the junk food my kids have access to. What's good for the goose is good for the goslings. So we keep a big bowl of fruit on the counter, we don't buy candy at checkout, cookies and cake must be homemade, if they want a junk food snack they have to eat something healthy first, etc etc. It's taken time to get them on board, but we're making progress. Hopefully what they learn in my kitchen will keep them fit for life.
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