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Hi, Jimmyswifey (Mindy, right?)! I'm so proud of you for making it through Day1! You're well on your way now!

I wholeheartedly second Carolynn's suggestion of Youtube. A wealth of material there. I just found a dance routine I'd like to learn. It looks like fun and it looks like a GREAT workout. The instructor takes her time, explains the moves well and breaks the moves down to very simple elements.

Do you have a way to connect to the internet via your TV? It may be easier to follow the Youtube videos on the TV rather than on your computer monitor, but either way will work.

Anyway, the one I found that I think I'm going to start learning is How to Bollywood Dance: Navrai Majhi. I just bookmarked it. It comes in 4 parts. Want to learn it with me? I bet the kids would love to learn it, too! Well, all except that baby... s/he's not *quite* ready for it yet .

And a hearty Hello to you, Renewed Soul! I'm so glad you found your way here! You are so right that the first few days can be a challenge. Hey, let's all learn Navrai Majhi together! Whaddya say?
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