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Goodness, the board is flying this week!!! After a couple of slower weeks, this activity is great to see! I'm going to try to catch up, but it may take me a few posts, so bear with me, please.

First off, a hearty Hello and welcome aboard to Mindy!!! And congratulations on your precious new little one! I'm sure some of what you're carrying is still baby weight, so don't be hard on yourself. I see one of your goals is to fit in more exercise... so bench press that baby!!! (Just kidding, s/he is still a little young for that ). Seriously, great looking, very doable goals. You're off to a great start!

Carolynn, I'm using Pimsleur, too! Great stuff, although they go a little fast sometimes, not leaving me enough time to answer. Today, for example, I found myself saying "yeah, what he said" instead of actually saying the proper sentence . What a beautiful reason you have for studying Tagalog, that's really sweet and thoughtful.

With regard to dinner with SIL, I like your idea of planning a strategy. Sounds like you've got it under control. Don't beat yourself up if it doesn't go exactly to plan, though. Be as kind to yourself as you always are to others. Enjoy the movie!

Ian, am I correct in assuming that's Korean? It must be wonderful to be immersed in the language. I'm sure you're learning more than you think you are. And you're learning not only textbook, but how the language is actually used. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, you have it all!

With regard to staying in the blue, it's only been these past two weeks, really. I've tried to set myself up for success by giving myself goals that aren't toooo much of a stretch. Take the fiber, for example: technically, I should be getting 21g or more per day but I found that was too much to ask right off the bat. So, after a disastrous fiber week, I started over with a goal of just 10g. Now I'm up to a goal of average 16. Eventually, I hope to get it up to average 21 but I'm not ready for that yet. Baby steps.

Posting updates is a great motivator for me, too. I hate having to report bad news. I can't tell you how many things I've bypassed over the past couple of weeks, simply because I knew they'd end up in The Report (Goal 1: Log everything) .

Mike, you crack me up. Sounds like you and your kids have a fun relationship! And as for beignets, it's always a good time for beignets, with or without kids! Wish I had one right now!

That's it for the moment -- back later, once I've had time to review more posts! Keep up the good work, everyone, nutritionally, activity-wise and posting!
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