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Hi everyone, my name is Mindy and I got a great tip to join all of you from carolnnq (Thank you again) . I'm new to the program so I'm not really sure what to do or say here, so please be patient with me. I am trying to loss weight from just having a baby in April, and also so I don't feel so disgusted when I look at myself or think that's how my husband see's me, but trying to stay positive.
Well, I think I did okay yesterday, but don't really understand the calorie stuff and if I'm even doing things right. My goal is to go from 196 lbs to 155 lbs. It's only 41 or so lbs, but feels like 100.
So, my goals for this week are
1.) Log everything, everyday
2.)Make time to do some form of exercise, even if walking in place with baby.
3.)Be more conscious about wanting to eat my feelings or when I get bored.
4.)Try to look for support from discussion boards.
5.)Get into this routine each and every day!!!!!!!

So, I think that's a good start for goal setting. I wish each and everyone all the best and luck with your programs!!!!!
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