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Originally Posted by carloynnq
Ian - good progress!(and reported in RainbowVision!) I wouldn't like to fix four meals a day either. But instead of an extra meal, you could do a snack (hard boiled egg, nuts?) I'll answer for epixi - she's studying Japanese! I don't remember for how long. Hope is studying Spanish. I'm studying Tagalog - but I haven't made it a daily goal yet.
Hehe, it's in rainbow vision so I can judge individual goals by their color. It's Red < Orange < Blue < Green, not much of a system compared to an excel spreadsheet but it's visually stimulating

Ah, you're all studying random East Asian languages but none the same as me Apart from Spanish ofcourse. How many words/sentences/grammar rules/phrases/etc do you learn per day? I generally hit up none, but usually learn 1 thing per day just by living here, or if I don't learn 1, I at least recognise more each day by speaking to people.

Today I tried to order roast chicken from the take out shop next door but the woman told me "치킨 없어" and then "다음에" (don't google translate that, I'm paraphrasing) but it translates to something like "No chicken, I'll see you next time). So ended up making rice intense meals today, will probably not work out well.
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