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Well yesterday started off pretty good, then....

I knew I was retaining water from the crawfish so I was intended on only eating apples. Three apples down and my daughter wanted to go to New Orleans. So I came back and got her and the youngest and we headed to the city.

First stop was for some activity. Gotta burn calories ya know. So we went to NOLA Motorsports Park. The last time my daughter and I raced go karts (or carts) was in Va. Beach, she won and I haven't heard the end of it. I don't know where she gets her "in your face" competitiveness from. Let's just say she's a dirty driver. You'd think she's a NASCAR fan. She kept slamming me in the wall and wouldn't let me pass. Welllllll it was time to step up to the big boy karts. I'm talking helmets, neck braces, you know... the stuff that separates the chirrens from the men! These bad boys can reach speeds of 50 mph (but they said on that course, the fastest you can get up to may be 44 mph). I had those snotty nose punk brats begging for mercy as I lapped them... over and over. It was just the three of us on the course and I had free reign to show them who's got the true racing skills! Just as every good dad knows, ya gotta teach the chirrens that if you ain't first, you're last!

Okay, back to the food, this is how my day looked. 3 apples, then beignets (the kids fault), then a 4th apple, a hot dog and during the middle of the night? You guessed it, a PB&J sammich. That's how I roll!

The damage? I hopped on the scale and it read 187.4 so I'm down 3 pounds. w00t w00t. The trick is to finish the week down 3 pounds. Basically all I lost was water weight.

Goals (starting Tuesday)
DONE 1) Lose 3 pounds
2) drink 100 oz water yes
3) take all vitamins yes

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