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Picking back up from the last thread ...

Epixi: Congrats on your second 'blue' week! And Don't be too envious of my working regimen. I can do planks, but I'm with you on the push ups! I can push up, but the let down thing is another matter. Last year I had 'A proper push-up' as one of my goals, but I gave up on that! Basically, I can do one. Yes, one. On a good day. Sometimes even two. Now I count them if they are within 2-3 inches from the floor. If I try to touch nose-to-floor I get a flat nose. So my push-ups aren't perfect, but I am on my toes! Oh, and with the black-eyes, Peas, that is, try using chicken broth, some onion and garlic.

ian: No, I don't speak Dutch. I could understand it fairly well after being there a while, but never could wrap my tongue around the gutturals.

- Donna
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