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Default I wouldn't do it...

My sister is looking at weight loss surgery and we went to a seminar where a surgeon went over the different options. He said they go by a "1/3, 1/3, 1/3" rule with the band: 1/3 lose a good amount of weight, 1/3 lose some weight, 1/3 don't lose any at all. The surgeon leading said that he hates doing that surgery because of costs vs the benefits. The seminar had roughly 15 people in it and one was there because her band had eroded and was looking at other options. There are so many risks with it that aren't associated with other surgeries and honestly, if you look at the medical safety records, it is the least safe of the three main options (banding, bypass and sleeve). If I were you, I'd do a ton of research and soul searching before you made your decision. Talk to unbiased doctors and make the decision that is right for you. If your insurance or budget allows, I would look into the sleeve. A family member of mine did it and there were fewer complications and GREAT results (280lbs down to 130lbs in less than a year!). But ya, research, research, research and do what is right for you Good luck!
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