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Originally Posted by carolynnq View Post
... A research study also found that people ate less when eating a stew or casserole with water added turning it into a soup, than the group who ate the stew or casserole and drank a glass of water with it...
Oh, I think I remember when you cited that study, Carolynn. Was that the sneaky one where they pumped extra stew into the bowl from underneath so people didn't realize how much they were eating? Diabolical, but funny!

Mabyerly, welcome aboard! Good for you for "small and simple". It takes a few trials to determine what's workable for you. As Carolynn said, do try to check in daily (even if you don't have time to post). I find it helps me keep the goals front-of-mind. That and keeping them on my phone's daily to-do list.

A hearty welcome to you, too, KWest! I'm right there with you on the water consumption. It can be a chore to get it all in! I had to look up MUFAs .

"...and don't obsess about the scale..." I like that, Lilbits! Good luck with the walking goal -- you've made great strides already (haha see what I did there? ).
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