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Default Low carb!

So this is my first post on like any message board ever so let me know if I do it wrong lol

So I've been doing low carb for roughly two months now and am down 22lbs. since my start. I love it! And I've been reading some of these posts about people getting off of Atkins and blah blah blah... I'm wondering: why would people get off of it? I mean, I was addicted to bread. Like, wake up and the first thing I would want is two pieces of wonderful toasted Dave's bread with a ton of butter. FIRST THING. After about three days, I wasn't craving bread daily and now that I've been doing it for about two months, I only even kind of want bread if I go out to Red Lobster or Olive Garden (but now instead of eating 12 bread sticks or 10 garlic biscuits, I have one). I was controlled by my cravings and it was no way to live. I love my life and way of eating now. Why would anyone give that up?!

Also, now that I don't eat that crap anymore, if I do, it actually makes me sick. It's like my stomach says, "Come on, Stacy, pull your head out of your ass." lol it's a really good accountability tool!
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