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epixi - thanks for starting the thread - perfect timing - I just finished reading through the weekend posts. IMO, adequate hydration is easy to determine - it's when you don't feel thirsty. Years ago, people didn't walk around everywhere with water bottles and people were slimmer. Water can play a role in weight loss. There's research that shows that people who drink two cups of water before a meal eat less at the meal immediately following (makes sense as there's not as much room in the stomach for food). A research study also found that people ate less when eating a stew or casserole with water added turning it into a soup, than the group who ate the stew or casserole and drank a glass of water with it. Big applause for you for your two blue weeks!!!

Ian - glad your total calories for the week wasn't bad after all.

Goals for the week:
1. Avg 1400 calories a day:
2. Avg 45 min exercise a day:
3. Small bites, slower eating:
4. No sugar, white flour:
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