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That feeling of deprivation has knocked me off the wagon more times than I care to count, Debbie. Feeling (food) deprived makes me feel sad, far sadder than it should, but that's just the way I am. Once that happens, unfortunately, I go into victim mode, followed by "doggonit, I should be allowed to have it" and finishing up with "I'm gonna have it and you can't stop me. [Disaster] Bah, I'll start over on Monday...".

Mmmm chicken stew. A nice, comfort food, especially on a cold, rainy weekend day! I bet your house smells real cozy now, Robin.

13567 calories for the week is under 2000 average per day, Ian. Did that feel comfortable for you? Did you feel hungry with that amount?

As for me, I tried to make some blackeyed peas and rice tonight (Ian's post earlier in this thread made me start craving rice). It came out... ok, not great. My first time trying. Didn't follow a recipe, just threw stuff in a pot and crossed my fingers. It's a little bland. Next time, I may have to up the sodium content by adding more salt (or maybe a salt sub). Or maybe it needs butter. I am soooo not a cook!
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