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Carolyn: Thanks for the Croque Madam recipe! I'm definitely going to try that. I remember once when I was living in Holland (Den Haig) wrapping Asparagus with some good ham and baking. Then trying to ad lib a 'mock hollandaise,' since I didn't have any eggs. I think I used milk and lemon juice, mustard, and maybe some white wine. I didn't turn out bad at all, though I bet it was closer to fake bechamel than hollandaise. Something like that might be good on a homemade Croque. Tho I'd have to call it fancy grilled ham and cheese.

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Height 5' 2"
May 23,2013 - 140 lbs. (starting over yet again!)
Ultimate Goal - 114 lbs.
Debbie: I know that reaching your goals is possible, because your sig describes my journey over the last two years. I decided to get serious about losing weight after Thanksgiving eighteen months ago. I've been between 114 - 116 lbs since around September of last year. I haven't giving up yet, because it takes real work at my age to stay at that weight. I didn't fret when I had a high cal day, because I think it's good not to stay at the same calorie intake value day after day. When I have two high cal days back to back I have to go back to getting serious about weight loss. It get harder as you get lower, but you have to just get tough. Planks, push-ups, and Pilates are my weapons of choice.

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Was feeling lazy yesterday, so didn't do anything particularly active. I *thought* about doing some Tai Chi. Does that count?
It depends. Did you think about it *really hard*?

- Donna
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