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Hello there, Naomi! Welcome aboard! I'm glad you found us! You're right -- this is a wonderfully supportive community!

Originally Posted by iansteele View Post
...I live in East Asia and the things they eat are very different from things back in the states....
Ahhh, interesting. I assume that would also make tracking more of a challenge since some of the foods to which you have access aren't necessarily in Fitday's database.

Originally Posted by iansteele View Post
...I just randomly plucked 1500 out of the air since it seems to be a sort of average of the people here...
And that's a bit of a bugaboo. Many of the folks here who're using 1200-1500 are women. That's just not enough for most guys, especially if the guy is active (doing 250 sit-ups/day qualifies as active, if you ask me). I'm not a dietitian, nutritionist, physician or lawyer (), so take anything I say here with a grain of salt (but not too much salt -- gotta watch that sodium). I'd recommend you try to calculate your actual calorie needs, based on your age, height, gender, activity level and body type. Somewhere in these forums, I remember Carolynn giving a detailed walkthrough of how to calculate it. I'll see if I can find/link it for you.

I'm guessing you can (and maybe should) eat a lot more than you think you can.

Originally Posted by iansteele View Post
...Well, I eat a lot of rice unfortunately since its the easiest thing to get...
Not necessarily unfortunate, depending on how it's prepared and what goes on it. Also, is it white rice or brown rice? Do you put any sauce on it? It may be that the sauce and prep are the issues, not the rice.

Originally Posted by iansteele View Post
...A lot of mushrooms, onions, carrots, lettuce and eggs. Since all of that is pretty much protein free I also eat a fair bit of pork (beef is overpriced here)...
That's all good stuff, even the pork depending on how it's prepared. The eggs and pork provide a lot of protein. Have you considered adding in some edamame, if it's available? A half cup of shelled edamame is chock full of protein (11g) and fiber (9g) and has very little sodium (15mg). One thing I've learned about Asian foods is that some things contain a lot of sodium (sauces, especially), so that may be something you'll need to watch out for.

And, of course, you can always ramp up how much fish you eat.

Originally Posted by iansteele View Post
...I only drink once or twice a week, but I can't really cut that out, the culture here is very hierarchial and a lot of times I don't have much of a choice...
So it seems you'll have to account for that in your plan. I'm sure some of those beers are being offset with the sit-ups .

Goals for the Week:
  • Log everything, no exceptions (nibbles and "tastes" count!): yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
  • At least 2000ml water per day: 2000, 2000, 2000, 2000, 2000 <--- but it was a struggle
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average between 1200-1550 calories: 1319, 1349, 1372, 1392, 1383
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average between 800-1300mg sodium: 903, 876, 886, 907, 958
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average of at least 16g fiber: 23, 23, 22, 21, 22
  • Some sort of physical activity 4x during the week: M=Tai Chi/Yoga, T=Taiko Class, W=Tai Chi, Th=Yoga Class, F=nothing... um let's call it "rest" ---- (4/4)
  • Study every day: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

Was feeling lazy yesterday, so didn't do anything particularly active. I *thought* about doing some Tai Chi. Does that count?

Definitely going to have to re-evaluate the water situation. 2000ml is beginning to mess with my quality of life (always having to be near a bathroom), not to mention my quality of sleep. Actually, given how important sleep is to weight maintenance/loss (ghrelin production and all that), I think having a solid night's sleep may be more important than the extra water. Besides, lately, I get a lot of "water" via other channels. I've been having a lot of that soup, plus coffee, fruit (yes, me, fruit!) and the very occasional diet coke. I've been ingesting a lot of liquid, so I may be able to cut back on the actual clear, flavorless water. More research is needed.

It's the weekend, yay! Time to cut loose and make it a Sassy Saturday, everyone!
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