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I would just cut out everything I could that contains processed sugar. In fact, that's one of my daily goals. So I rarely eat anything that's made with sugar. It was hard at first, but after several weeks, I didn't have cravings for sweets any more. (All things in moderation..if I'm at someone's house for dinner, I'll have dessert if it's served.)

I'm not a dietician, but I think you'd be better off reducing your overall carbs - carbohydrates get converted to glucose just like sugar does.

Try some cinnamon in your coffee instead of sugar. (And cinnamon is supposed to help boost the metabolism.)

Are you trying to cut back on sugar for a particular reason? Diabetes? Calorie control? I decided to do away with sweets because both my mother and maternal mother had diabetes and I don't want to go down that path.
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