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Default Take it easy

Congratulations on the new baby! Enjoy this time--they don't stay tiny and cuddly for very long--it only seems long while you are experiencing it.

Don't worry about losing weight just yet--first recover from the Caesarian (which is major surgery, despite everyone trying to convince you it is a minor thing). Eat a good balanced diet,and be sure to drink extra water.

While nursing each of my three children, I found that eating healthy balanced diet, even though I ate lot more food than I had been used to eating, allowed the weight to slip off without thinking about it. The major point is, and here I probably sound like the previous writers on your thread, is to make sure you have lots of fruits, vegetables, protein, vitamins, and liquids. Your first priorities are recovering from the pregnancy and the surgery and taking care of your baby, Getting serious about exercise and losing weight are lower down on the list.

And pushing a baby stroller around the neighborhood is also good exercise.

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