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Donna, yeah it's pretty basic. The reason why I mentioned not having to log is for some (like me), after a while logging can seem to be a real PITA. I know that logging is truly the way to go but I just needed a break from it. I also knew if I was eating the same stuff over and over and I was steadily losing weight, that could be the break from logging that I needed. The hard part of the diet being so basic... is that it's so basic. Something as simple as you make a salad and go to put dressing on it and it's like "nope, that's not on the list." But, that's also the good part of it, if it makes sense. The old diet was much more restrictive, I don't think it allowed for salt or spices. I think it cut out the spices because most had sugar.

So my plan is to start on Tuesday. My "vegan" daughter is coming down and she wants crawfish on Monday. I'll be boiling crawfish and grilling, after that it's on. I will get back in the 170's again. I was oh so close.
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