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okay, I think I'm going to go back on the hcg diet (without the drops next week). I was asked in a PM about my honest opinion about it. Y'all should know me by now that I don't mind giving an honest opinion, or review. Last year I went high fat/ low carb (and was very successful) and went into great detail about it. I figured I'd show my response to the PM along with my follow up with the diet plan.

WARNING~~ I apologize if anything I say in this PM offends anyone.

Honest opinion... me? For the first two weeks I followed it to the letter. I lost 13.4 pounds in two weeks. Then I started slacking, PB&J sammich here and there, then the occasional cheat day. I continued to slowly lose. I got down to 180.0 from 197(.4), so I was down roughly 17 pounds in a month, while cheating.
Does the HCG work? I don't know. Did I lose weight? Hell yes. I don't know if the drops played much of a role because we all know it's cals in vs cals out. So I think the (hcg) diet was the key, not so much the drops, but I could be wrong. I did notice that even when I was eating 500-700 cals a day, I wasn't really hungry. I don't know if it's because of the drops or me just knowing "hey this is all you can have, no more, no less!" I think knowing you can ONLY eat x amount of x,y or z keeps your mind from THINKING you are hungry because you know you can't graze. So... 13.4 pounds in two weeks, was it easy? I'd say yes, because it was structured. I didn't even need to log my food because I knew what I could eat. So the only thing I'm unsure of is if the drops actually curb your appetite or if it's a mental thing. Either way, I dropped the weight. On the flip side, I got off the drops and my diet slipped even more and of course a few pounds came back. Then we went of vacation and I figured that I didn't need to worry about what I ate since we effing walked our legs off, up hill both ways (and I got back up to 187)! Actually after a while I started to feel like down hill was just as bad as uphill. I know that Louisiana is flatter than a 10 year old girl but OH MY GOD San Francisco has some grueling hills! So back to the hcg (sorry, did I ever mention I have ADD?), some things I learned with the diet.
1) Having a limited "menu" of certain meats, fresh fruits and veggies helps a lot.
2) knowing your quantity limits helps a lot.
3) Apples are a natural diuretic!

When I hit a plateau I would eat ONLY apples for a day. I had like 5-6 apples (and water) and that's it. Even eating only apples, I didn't feel hungry. Not sure if it's b/c the fiber fills you up or once again just knowing that's all you get. Anyway, never failed after an apple day, the weight would fall back off.

Penni also did it but the weight didn't come off as quickly this time for her. I think she lost 10 pounds in the first two weeks and like 15 pounds in a month.

The diet is super clean, nothing special to buy. If you want I can scan it and send it to you, if you want to try it without spending the money on the drops.

Follow up

I don't think there is a limit. I'd do it until you've lost the weight that you want and then start adding in food. The diet this time calls for approximately 1000 calories, I cut back from it, I think I was probably around 700 calories.

Sometimes I'd do my snack (piece of fruit) before lunch and I'd have a snack (piece of fruit) between lunch and dinner (it was my fruit that I should have had at dinner)

So it often looked like this:
Basically for the first 2 weeks I was strict.
Breakfast - 2 eggs, scrambled with a little cooking spray and 1 slice of 45 calorie toast (dry). I'd slap the egg on the toast, fold it up and have a sammich.
Snack - apple or strawberries
Lunch - (4-6oz) protein, (1-2cup) veggies (steamed in microwave) and no fruit
Snack - apple or strawberries
Dinner - (6-8oz, maybe 10oz if I was active) protein, (1-2cup) veggies (steamed in microwave) and no fruit

Basically I cut out one fruit a day from the plan, cut back a little on the protein and veggies.

It's a pretty simple, very basic diet. All foods were measured raw. I only drink water, so that was never an issue. The B12 may have helped with energy but I made sure to take a daily vitamin every day. My energy was really good, probably because I was eating foods that had actual nutrients.

Another thing that made it easy, if I got a pack of chicken breast, pork chops... whatever, I would weigh it and package it all out. The days that I ate beef, it was hard to drop weight. That didn't stop me from firing up the grill and slapping a (sometimes) 10 oz steak on it!

I think that most people probably think that the diet is probably some crazy shit, but it's really foods that we should be eating anyway (IMO). When Penni first did it, it was a 500 calorie diet. That's probably why she didn't lose as fast this time.

Try it and see how you like it. You could probably do a scaled back version like I did for a week and lose a few pounds (or more). Make sure to drink plenty of water and take a vitamin!

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