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Default Just do it!

Hi Ladies.... seriously I think you need to forget about establishing a set weight goal and focus on making a life style change. The realization of where you'd like to see yourself will happen, but it shouldn't be the focus. Get moving, eat healthier, push your self .... a little further on the treadmill or a little faster. try and beat your calories burned each time. And if your weight training, up your weight every couple of weeks, or your reps or your sets. You can't help but succeed it you make that the focus and not the scale.

I say this as I have been in the gym since feb. 05, '09 on a journey to shed 100 lbs. No it isn't happening as fast as I'd like it too, but it is happening. I'm happy to say I'm about half way there....yay! Take the view that any weight loss is good weight loss even if the scale doesn't make you happy. You will be fitter and stronger.... how can you not be and that is all good!
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