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Originally Posted by Jezzie8 View Post
When I crave popcorn I do a light spray of 'Pam' inside a brown paper lunch bag, cover about 3/4 of the bottom of bag with popcorn (I like Orvilles) then put a couple folds at the top and microwave for 1:50. Comes out great and pretty much oil free :-) Season as you like!
Thank you for that! I had heard about popping popcorn in a brown paper bag in the microwave, but never tried it, and then forgot about it. Glad to know it works. I'm going to try that. (My air popper works fine, but I hate the noise.)

Originally Posted by lilbits120 View Post
I am going to get back on track today and hope to make some progress this week. Congrats to all who are moving forward and strength to those of us who need encouragement to get up after a fall.
That's the attitude! Just take it one day at a time. Do what you need to do today to meet your goals.

epixi - Your blue streak continues. Fabulous!!! You can't break it now!

1. Calories averaging under 1400 day 1322, 1207
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