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Originally Posted by mszyandry View Post
can anyone please help me ?

my name is Yandry, im 22 yrs old and now weighing 293lbs. i just had the gastric bypass surgery on May 7, 2012 weighing at 316lbs. my goal is to be 160lbs.

i used to be a emotional eater. i am now on stage 2 of my diet which is puree food. since my surgery i have to combine 48-64 oz of liquids, 3 meals, my protein shakes and medicines which includes Multivitamin,calcium twice a day and iron.

to be honest im so frustrated and mad. i cant eat anything except for sugar free Jell-o, greek yogurt, apple sauce, sugar free pudding and sugar free Popsicle. when i try something else i get nauseous and discomfort, it feels horrible i cant even drink water without having pain in my stomach, sometimes i get so sad and depress when i see my family eating and i cant, i get bored easily of eating the same food over and over. i feel weak and dizzy all the time, i have become so lazy dont even want to go out and when i do i have to stop and recover myself from the dizziness and short of breath.

can anyone share their story and help me out to feel better and what to eat, i was a sugar addict and its so hard to live without sweets.
i did it ab 1 1/2 ago lost half of my wait and size 4 or 5 now i did feel same till one yr but after that my life is almost nomal i do eat most of food can handle it very well now i wants to stop being nomal bc i do not wants to gain wight ( gain 10 lbs in 3 months) ouchhhhhh, hang in there you will be just fine it gets better each day, it worth it after all, i love it
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