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Yay - used my swimming pass for the first time this morning. The water was wonderful and the outside air temp was warmer than usual.

Ian - good job on your calories yesterday, even with the popcorn. And popcorn has lots of fiber and doesn't have many calories on its own. I dug out my old air popcorn popper and have been using that instead of making microwave popcorn. I usually sprinkle with some popcorn salt (very fine, powdery salt) and garlic granules.

Hope, I'm glad they figured out what was causing your back pain. Definitely start with the shots.

epixi - When you reach your goal, you ought to buy a new blue dress to celebrate! And, yes, watch your water consumption. I know someone who ended up in the hospital for several days from drinking too much water (this was several years ago). It threw his electrolyte balance off. Until then, I had no idea that drinking too much water could have such devastating effects. In researching it, I found that the original advice that we need 8 cups of water a day included the statement something along the lines of "of course, we get much of that through foods we consume."

1. Calories averaging under 1400 day 1322
2. 30-min extra movement a day Y
3. No sugar, white flour N (pretzels got me)
Age 61, Height 5'9"
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New goal 140
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