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Thanks all for the congratulations, folks! As I said, I'm pretty stoked about the solid blue week and about (finally) getting back to 15 pounds gone (cue: Happydance). Of course, can't rest on laurels -- there is still work to be done. Much, much more work to be done.

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Thanks Epixi, for the moral support...
That's why we're all here, Robin! You've given so much to others, I'm glad to be able to give some to you!

Hope, it must be such a relief to know what it is that is causing your back pain and to know that there is something that can be done to help alleviate it. In my opinion, pain is not just physical -- it can take an enormous emotional toll as well. I'm hoping by the time you read this, you'll have had the shot and it is giving you some much-needed relief. Then it'll be you doin' the Happydance!

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...Glad to see some new posters...
Agreed! Welcome to our new friends!

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...epixi - You always sound so danged cheerful & energetic. ...
Hehe I try. I tend to be pretty upbeat most of the time and I try to spread the good vibes to those around me (do I sound like an old hippie?). That said, during those times when I'm not feeling so cheerful, watch out!!! You have been warned .
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