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Hi there, everyone!!! OK now I'm beck. Better late than never as they say. Congrats Epixi!!!! Rockin and rollin!! Mike can we get this woman a dancing banana please? I will learn how to do that, I mean it. (future goal?)

Robin, it' sunderstandable to eat more when you are home and indoors. You'llmake it up. I liek what Epixi does, rolling calories for the week, rolling totals, good idea.

Ad for me, I went to the orthopedist today and he took an X ray and I AM NOT CRAZY (well not about this, anyway) and these six weeks of nonstop back pain is not my imagination and NOT fibro. I have arthritis in my back and at least one bone out of place. So the ortho (who I liked a lot) offered two options: shots or surgery. So I am going to a pain management specialist tomorrow and praying she can give me a shot. Immediately. Scared of it as I am. Fingers crossed, bye bye pain.

Mike, you got shots, right? How did they work?

1) Healthy diet
2) cut out stress eating
3) more water
4) stretch daily as much as I can stand
5) don't be a baby

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