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Awww Robin, sorry to hear that you and the calories didn't see eye-to-eye today. You've been so diligent for so long, though, that this little blip will probably smooth right out over the long run. Not to mention, if you got all that housework done, you probably burned more than you think!

Happy Victoria Day to you and yours and all our other neighbors to the north! Although, with all the rain you mentioned, shall I assume there will be no fireworks tonight? Drat!

Ian, you're off to a fine start! You've even left yourself some wiggle-room on the calories for the week!

Looks like you're heading back down, Mike! Yay! And Carolynn, you're pretty much at your goal -- I'm so very happy for you! You're an inspiration!

Jenn, like Carolynn said, staying the same it a victory, too. I'm a firm believer that sometimes it takes the body a bit to adjust to its new normal. Did you get a chance to write today?

As for me, I'm still wrestling with that dreaded water. Only 500ml to go for today (whew), but it's a struggle. I know I upped my goal from 1500ml to 2000ml per day (what was I thinking???), but I've also been doing some research on the theories regarding min-max water consumption. I'll try for the 2k this week (correction, not try... do!) but there's a good possibility I'll revise that goal again next week .
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