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Ian - welcome! Glad to have you here.

Hope - so glad to see you back.

Jenn - hope your symptoms disappear soon. It does sound a bit odd to have developed allergies at this point in your life.

lilbits - I agree with Robin's advice to you to not weigh yourself daily. It's too frustrating to not see the scale move when you've been trying so hard. I started out weighing myself just once a week. I usually saw a one or two pound drop over the week, and that rate of loss isn't easily seen on a daily weigh in.

epixi - your soup sounds wonderful. I would have eaten the rest too (remember, one of my five food trees was vegetable soup). I really felt like having vegetable soup for breakfast this morning too, but didn't even have a can around.

Robin - love your Julius Erwin quote. I just noticed it yesterday. I actually thought of it as I was mindlessly reaching for something I shouldn't eat- and it stopped me from going ahead.

My kitchen is a mine field of temptations. My husband has a sweet tooth and right now has open packets of Hershey kisses, Jordan almonds, and hard candies, as well as some chips. I've thought about asking him to keep them somewhere else, but I figure what better way to learn restraint. When I see those goodies, I'm hardly ever tempted any more (and Jordan almonds used to be my favorite candy). My problem comes when I reach for something mindlessly, eat it, and then crave more (and then often do eat more). It reminds me of on the last season of The Biggest Loser, where one of the contestants was at a Mexican restaurant with friends who were all eating chips and salsa before dinner. A friend encouraged her to just try one. She declined and said something like, "But could I stop at one?" I'm learning that lesson, but haven't mastered it!
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