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Good morning, Groovy People! We made it to the weekend, yay!

A wave and hearty Hello to you, Lilbits! So glad you found your way here! I'm right there with you regarding 65-70 pounds and with the water. As Carolynn said, sometimes it helps to take it bits at a time... Lilbits!

Carolynn, your software editing story takes the cake!!! Mmmmm cake...

Hey there, Mike! Sorry you're still under the weather. Being sick stinks. Get well... then, get back here and get goin' .

Robin, I'm going to go look up Yin class. You said it's different from what you usually do -- what do you usually do? There are so many styles, so much to learn! The class I went to was Hatha. I'm not sure if that applies to the whole studio or just to that particular class.

Enjoy that coffee out, Jenn!

Carolynn said:

...The public accountability factor has prevented me from eating things I shouldn't because I knew I'd have to fess up to it here. And the support and encouragement has been motivating. Plus there's the added benefits of the wit, humor, and wisdom (and poetry!) from posters here...
Couldn't have said it better, Carolynn. And, with regard to passing on the late-night snack, doesn't it feel good when the self-discipline kicks in? You said you were proud of yourself -- I'm proud of you, too!

As for me...

Goals for the Week:
  • Log everything, no exceptions (nibbles and "tastes" count!): yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
  • At least 1500ml water per day: 2000, 2000, 2000, 2000, 2000
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average of under 1550 calories: 1482, 1505, 1437, 1447, 1317
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average of under 1300mg sodium: 958, 1114, 1071, 1131, 886
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average of at least 15g fiber: 16, 16, 17, 18, 20
  • No red entries on this report: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Study every day: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

FINALLY got out to the golf course. First time in, what, three years? This was a new course for me, so I took a cart (I always take a cart on my first time so I can get a better feel for the layout). It was delightful!!! Beautiful little 9-hole course, great weather, the occasional nice shot -- what more could one ask? Well, maybe a hole-in-one. What? I can dream, can't I?

Anyway, have a Satisfying Saturday, everyone! Oh, and for those of us in Powerball states, GOOD LUCK!!! Of course, I already bought the winning ticket, so... yeah...
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