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lilbits - glad you found your way here. You can post a weight loss on any day you like. Or you can post your weight loss in your signature (click on User CP in the blue bar above, then in the Control Panel at left, click on Edit Signature).

A new motivational thread starts fresh each Monday. People post their daily & weekly goals, then report back as to how they're doing. If you read some of the earlier pages, you'll see that everyone's goals are different. I find it interesting to see what everyone's doing, and people get new ideas from each other.

Good for you for managing your eating today despite the stress. It feels so good to do that. Last night I managed to resist the urge to snack after dinner - I was so proud of myself - it seems like such a little thing in a way, but it's so hard at the time and all to easy to give in.

Goals for the week:
1. Stay on usual diet Y, Y, Y
2. No late-night snacking. Y, Y, Y
3. 1/2 hr avg exercise a day Y, Y, Y
4. No sugar, white flour N (had a piece of pizza for dinner) , Y, Y
Age 61, Height 5'9"
March 2010 145 lbs, Jan 2013 173 lbs
1st Goal 145 lbs 5/25
New goal 140
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