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epixi - Go blue!!! Glad you enjoyed your first yoga class so much.

Donna and epixi - LOL at your typos. Years ago, this was probably the late '80s, we published a software directory. At the time, a lot of software ran directly off floppies, and some off hard drives. So each page reviewing the software said which. The people entering the data had frequent typos where they typed "dick" instead of "disk". So there were numerous mentions of floppy dicks and hard dicks. As we proofread the directory, my staff and I were in stitches all afternoon.

I had a good day yesterday (but am too lazy to pull up my goals). I really wanted to eat last night around 9-10, but managed to not give in.

I read some yelp reviews of the local pool and it is heated - thank goodness.
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