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Default I need your advice please

hi guys

I started my diet on (6 May 2013), my weight was 92 kg , and my hight = 159 cm , now has lost 17 ​​kg, but my belly fat not much affected by the loss of weight, I still suffer from belly fat,(my Face and,feet, shoulders just affected in the diet)

I run 4 kilometers every day , and I do stomach exercises,but no benefit.

another problem:since 2 weeks ago my weight is still steady despite the exercise and diet

What should I do in order to lose my belly fat ?

And how can I get rid of steady weight?

-----------------------Notice on My food--------------------

- No sugar, no bread, no rice, no Starches.
- I just Eat fresh vegetables, fruit.
- I eat fish , tuna, sardine (somedays )

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