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It rained so hard today, thunder and lightening! No walking for me so I swam instead again. That's 2 swims this week. Carolynnq enjoy the pool. I love early bird swimming when it's hot out, because you started your day cool. You are so close to your goal, I am so excited for you!

Epixi, about the clothes for's the thing, remember yoga is completely non-competitive. It does not matter at all how you look, yoga is all about seeing past the ego. Be comfy, love your body, and don't waste a thought on what other people think. If they think anything at all about you they are not doing yoga I would suggest tight but stretchy clothing because it's true that your clothing has to be able to manage "upside down".

Tonight I went and got take out for my husband and 2 sons. However I cooked my own supper. And good thing because that deep friend crap they ate looked poisonous.

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