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I just read through the end of last week's thread. It sure was quiet.
Jenn - congrats on the 3 lb loss.

Mike - great photos - glad you're enjoying your trip.

Jezzie - very wise to get a walking partner. It's not as easy to back out from a date with someone else as it is a date with ourselves - and having someone to talk with makes the time go faster. And you're down almost 20 lbs since Jan. Way to go!!!!

Donna - ***I've realized that I need to keep at these goals just to stay at the weight I'm at. *** I think that's going to be the case for me too.

epixi - *** is lumpy-bumpy even a form? *** Yes, it is!!! I'm not sure what my final weight goal is - it will be whenever the lumpy-bumpy areas are gone (or at least not so lumpy-bumpy!). My daughter's taking yoga classes now. Her doctor recommended it for her sciatica. She says she's the youngest by far in the class (she's 28).

Robin - hope your husband had a good birthday!

Goals for the week:
1. Stay on usual diet Y
2. No late-night snacking. Y
3. 1/2 hr avg exercise a day Y
4. No sugar, white flour N (had a piece of pizza for dinner)
Age 61, Height 5'9"
March 2010 145 lbs, Jan 2013 173 lbs
1st Goal 145 lbs 5/25
New goal 140
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