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Fantastic job last week, Donna! You're a rock star!

Steak for dinner -- you're talking my language, Robin. Happy pre-birthday to your husband! Excellent work on the gym and swim, too. You're so active -- I truly admire that!

I struggle with water, too, Jenn. It's not really my drink of choice, which is why I *have* to make it a goal. I'll tell you, there have been days when I've realized I didn't drink enough and had to squeeze 1500ml in between 8pm and bedtime. Today is one of those days, matter of fact *swigs the last of today's water requirement*.

Carolynn!!! I'm so glad to see you! Missed you!!! What a lovely Mother's Day gift from the family. I'm sure it'll be especially sweet on days when you can share with your daughter.

Looks like you're feeling better, Mike! That bridge is pretty -- all golden and glowy. Someone should give it a name!

As for those who haven't checked in yet, I hope things are going well. We're thinking of you!

And me? Still chugging along. Taiko class is coming along swimmingly. Really enjoying it. I think I've decided to do tai chi on my own (still need to practice once I finish up this post). Having checked out a few yoga studios I think I've settled on one. First class will be tomorrow. I have my mat (would it be odd to bring my own blocks?) but I'm still struggling with what to wear. I know it should be loose, but I don't want it so loose that I can't go upside down. On the other hand, I'm too self-conscience for anything even slightly form-fitting (is lumpy-bumpy even a form?). And it needs to be long enough to cover the tush. I'm sure I'll figure it all out before class. I'm just thankful there are no mirrors in the studio .

Anyway, off I go to do a bit of tai chi! G'night, everyone!
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