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If yo do lift, start using lighter weights and concentrate on form. You might be able to get someone who knows good form to watch you, or watch yourself in the mirror. As your muscles tone up, they will actually support your back. don't try to kill the weights. That is where injuries happen. Also, you might consider chiropractic in the beginning, just to keep things lined up. I was very skeptical, but I have to say, it has helped me. I had 3 verteba fused in my neck, and was having alot of neck, upper back, and shoulder pain, but after three trips to the chiropractor, the pain is almost nonexistant. If you work out like a girl, with lower weight and higher reps, you should be able to work out and remain pain free. Focus on your form, and you will get the same or better results than using higher weights.
Good luck,
Mark B
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