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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
I am however, struggling with the fudge. I have never made traditional choc fudge (since I was a kid) and I wanted to make some for a fundraiser which is tonight. (That's what they requested) No body else in my house can/will eat it's a challenge. I have made 4 batches so far and the first 2 did not set. Now I have 2 more to check when I get home and can I really cut and wrap it without taste testing? I might bribe by oldest son to taste it for me. I LOVE choc fudge so this is very difficult.
Robin: Thanks for the feedback. I've got a moral for your story too: Never volunteer to make something for an event that you've never made before. Been there. Done that. Too much stress!

I say go ahead and try a <little> piece.
- Donna
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